Save Does Not Exists

Here I try to explain my principle: "Save doesn't exists".

First it doesn't means there is no salvation. This principle is applicable in software applications or organization who use software applications.

The "save" term is used in many software applications and implemented by the "save button", but today this term is obsolete.
Why is obsolete ?
Is obsolete because when you used the save button you have thought: "I don't want lose my work".
You don't have thought "System, take care of this file".
In this scenario typically you had something in "work in progress" state and you didn't want to loose your work.

Those kinds of things are old style. Today there are new concepts applicable in almost all software scenario.
The concepts are: Store, Share and Publish.

When you are working with software applications in a team, office or well organized department you can Store, Share and Publish your work.

Take example of R&D department of engineers.

Store concept
One engineer (Mario) is working with his CAD or similar application.
In the middle of work or periodically he think: "I don't want lose my work" so he use the old style button "save".
Today Mario can "store" the CAD file in a personal file repository. The repository can manage also different version of the same file so the engineer can take an old or previous version of the file.
Mario not only can take the file from the hard disk of the office PC but he can take the file from home or from everywhere Mario physically is.

This action can be named "to store".

Please note that a modern application, automatically and periodically "save" your work. This concept is different to the "store concept" but looks like as an "Automatically Silent Store" that doesn't create a new file version.
This scenario ("automatically and periodically save") is not in contrast of "store concept" because you don't have a "save button" to do this action. This action is automatic, and in very modern application can be an "Automatically Silent Store" action that doesn't create a new file version.

Share concept
Mario might need help from a colleague or somebody else.
In this case Mario can share the file to everyone he wants, without share the  local hard-disk directory.
Mario can share the CAD file to a specific person (Luigi) in the same way if Luigi is in the same office or is at the other side of the world.
Luigi can see the file and optionally (if Mario permits) can modify the file. (Also in this case the repository can also manage the previous file version).

This action can be named "to share".

Publish concept
Finally Mario ends the work. Only in this moment Mario want to share with everyone his work and only in this moment his work can be used by another department (as production department).
When the CAD file and work is complete can pass to another departments, it can be shared to all offices, it can be sent to departments or organizations. It can be published.

This action can be named "to publish".

Those concepts are simple, are concrete and real but only few software applications today embrace this paradigm, most of them are web application.
This mean that software developers still have much work to do ;)

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